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Narcotic training aid safe and long lasting

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With Narcotic Odors

Odor Prints are a training aid for narcotics detection K9s they allow the dog handler to have access to real narcotic odors that are not actual narcotics. No licenses or special storage is required. Odor Prints have been designed to be inexpensive and long lasting making them convenient for training.

​Odor Prints are designed with Getxent material that has been infused with laboratory grade narcotics, sealed in between aluminum discs with no adhesives used in the process and assembly is performed with gloved hands in a clean environment. This prevents contamination with other target odors and human odors from handling.

Target Odors: 

All target odors are created from pure target material that are lab certified.  We currently offer the following odors. Click on the odors to see the certification of purity for each of the narcotics.  

·    Heroin

·    Methamphetamine

·    Cocaine 

·    Marijuana 

·    Fentanyl

·    MDMA





longevity and storage

As for longevity of the Odor Print will last for about a year no matter how much you train with it. The only requirement is to keep it stored in is packaging. When you odor print gets dirty simply clean it off with water and let air dry.  

Storage of the Odor Print is in a metallized Mylar re-sealable envelope that minimizes the headspace volume and prevents permeation through the envelope. This further extends the shelf life of the Odor Print and prevents contamination.

Odor Print: Services
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